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While island life is famously know for its laid back attitude, Fleming Island can claim some of that notion.

Fleming Island, the gem of Clay County, is a growing family-based community. Only 21 miles south of Jacksonville, the island is not as busy or congested as Jville though it has a vibrant an expanding downtown. You’ll find many restaurants, stores and bars in the area. Fleming Island also has a gorgeous backyard, surrounded by lush trees and beauitful water.

Fleming Island is located in North Central Florida. The island’s location is ideal for small city outings to big city nightlife.

While North Florida may get cold during the winter, this is only for a brief time. Though, once Spring comes around you’ll find many locals outdoors either on their boats, bicycles or exercising.

Spring temperature average is between: 61°- 85°

Summer! Summer on the island is a fun time. It’s filled with kids’ sports, beach and lake time. You’ll be amazed how many kids are in the parks or out in the fields playing their favorite sports.

Summer temperature average is between: 70°- 90°

Fleming Island like the rest of Florida; it doesn’t have the color changing leaves or mountainous terrain like its bordering states. But what it lacks make the area so appealing – the Florida fall weather.

Fall temperature average is between: 49°- 88°

Enjoy one of the many fall festivals in North Central Florida.

Fleming Island is lucky to not have the bitter winter snow and wind that the northern states experience. Though the days do get cold (but they are only a handful) in this small city. Another wonderful thing about Winter around here is the perfect climate to go out and enjoy a winter festival.

Winter temperature average is between: 41°- 61°


A Small city with a vibrant center.

What you’ll find in Fleming Island is a friendly wave from a kid, a “Good Morning” to a crowded waiting room, an unrehearsed smile from a mom and her kids riding their bike.

A city of families. A city of friends.

forth of july keystone heights


Our beautiful nature.

Fleming Island is surrounded by lakes, parks and trails. A perfect setting to explore the wonders of outdoors.

passion flower in keystone heights



Take A Peek.

Drive on by and experience small city living.

Driving through Fleming Island


Small Town Tips.

Learn about fishing, lake activities, small town living, and holiday festivals that happen in and around Fleming Island.


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